MUSE: Talea Lischetzki

MUSE: Talea Lischetzki

Images by Katie Winkenhower of @takamediahi

I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Hawaii-based model Talea Lischetzki and photographer, Katie Winkenhower of TAKA Media. I love how they were able to capture such gorgeous shots highlighting the female form immersed in our island home.

What was the inspiration behind TAKA Media?
I've been wanting to move back home to Hawaii Island for a few years now, but everyone in the modeling industry told me it wouldn’t work, so I stayed, trying to find the balance between my happiness and career. When COVID-19 hit earlier this year, I decided to quarantine at home in Hawaii. It was during a fashion shoot with Katie Winkenhower when we decided to launch TAKA Media. With travel on pause and brands struggling to work within the confines of COVID-19, it just made sense to shoot and create content remotely.

How have the last few months influenced or changed your career as a professional model?
I had a ticket booked to Paris this summer and was planning on spending time with my agency, meeting clients, and shooting with Paris-based photographers. When that didn’t happen, I’ve come to find more clarity about where I want to take my career and what’s important to me in my life, trusting the process.

Where do you draw your creativity from and what inspires you?
I love looking at photographs from the 80's, 90's and early 2000’s. I recently stumbled upon a 1989 Vogue cover of Carré Otis shot by Herb Ritts in Hawaii. It's a simple, gorgeous cover that inspires me to stay connected to what I find beautiful in fashion photography, capturing those unique, effortless moments when everything just clicks. To me, the most beautiful moments in life are the simplest ones when we are able to just be present. Life doesn't always need to be glitz, glamour, and high-production.

We’re all on our own journey of self-acceptance and self-love. What new realizations or breakthroughs would you like to share?
It’s a never ending journey! I have such high expectations of myself to do everything perfectly all the time and look flawless doing it, that I often miss the beauty in imperfection and what it means to be human. I’m learning to be a little easier or gentle with myself as much as possible. I've been repeating the word "surrender" nonstop and hope that it will eventually become my new way of life!

Favorite meal to make?
I love curry! My boyfriend Cayson and I have been working on our curry recipe for the last few years and we've been obsessed with it. We love to go to the farmers market once a week and load up on veggies, throw all of it in the Le Creuset, and live off curry for a week. It's nice because you can just keep it as a veggie dish or add in different proteins throughout the week to switch it up.

I also love blended coconuts. The meat blended with the water makes a refreshing and creamy drink that is simply the best thing ever!