Our Story

I was born and raised on a tiny island in Hawai'i. In the middle of the vast Pacific, surrounded by sun, saltwater, and lustrous green beauty ─this is where my story begins...

As the daughter of free-thinking and dream-seeking parents, my sister and I spent most of our childhood in the backseat of a 76’ Bronco, Stevie Nicks on the cassette player, traveling from place to place. We'd pack up the few things that we owned, and continue searching for the elusive place called "home." 

We lived in different places all across the country, starting in Hawai'i, and always ending up back in Hawai'i. Some years we lived so remotely, that my parents just found it easier to homeschool us. 

We'd settle somewhere and set up our little homestead. There, we would grow gardens half an acre in size, can vegetables, make homemade root beer, and raise our chickens. I remember late nights, eating cinnamon toast and playing card games together as a family rather than watching a television. 

 I grew up living a very simple and nomadic lifestyle, and was given a childhood that taught the value of creating, cultivating, and self-sustaining.

Now as an adult, I’m able to carry on this lifestyle for a creative, slower, and more conscious life.

From this unconventional way of life, and a deep-seated respect for nature, Kepola Design House emerged. It was created with the intention of returning to a more thoughtful and handcrafted approach to fashion.

Like the way things used to be, once upon a time...